The Anonymous Collective and its affiliates hacked Russian propaganda internet service

The Anonimous Collective and its affiliates have successfully hacked the Russian propaganda internet service “smotrim[.]ru” (Смотрим) which was designed to watch TV channels of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Company (VDTRK) on Sunday night.

The report says, “Putin is destroying Ukrainians! Stop the war!,” has been shown as a screensaver on propaganda channels, “Russia-1” and “Russia-24” during its TV broadcast. The start page of the service stopped working completely, and also stopped receiving comments from the owners of the service.

The Anonymous Collective has raged a cyber war against Russian military forces invading Ukraine. They have announced several times that they will carry out cyber attacks on government media, agencies and websites. Several websites were at their targets so far including popular radio channels, medical schools, and other government websites.


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