Sri Lankan Police Website Taken down by Anonymous under operation sri lanka

Anonymous is back again with support for the Sri Lankan people. This time it was the Sri Lankan police who were their target. As we all know Sri Lanka is facing a major blow after its economy crashed. Several food items and medical supplies are not available to the general public.

Anonymous has taken down the Sri Lankan police website in an effort to show their support to the Sri Lankan people. The website faced a DDOS attack and was down for some time. However, upon checking the website the first page it displayed was a page cant be displayed. However after a quick reload the website loaded up fine.

The anonymous collective has been running operations against all those governments who are treating their civilians badly. Several hacks were reported under the operation jane, OPRUSSIA and many more.

Several videos has since emerged of police brutality against its own citizen by the Sri Lankan police.

Since there is no leader in anonymous, even you can be anonymous and try to help one another.


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