Exclusive : McLanahan Corporation acknowledges hack by Anonymous, but state those are old emails

Recently there was news that broke that the Anonymous collective has gained information about McLanahan Corporation. Anonymous collective claimed that they have around 302 GB of data containing 311,122 emails. We have received exclusive information from the company’s Director of Marketing and Communication confirming the hack by the anonymous collective.

We tried to reach out to the company and received a reply from Andrea Ritchey who is a Director of Marketing and Communication. According to her McLanahan Corporation has not had a business entity in Russia for over 4 years. We are not currently doing business in Russia and stopped accepting orders from customers in this region when Russia invaded Ukraine.

She further acknowledged that yes their data has been breached by hackers. But then she said The hack of released emails was from the email address previously associated with our now-closed Russian operation.

We asked her why so many directors resigned from their company within a day. To this, she replied The resignation of directors in one day was due to the shutting down of the office we previously had in Russia that has been closed for several years.

Here is more detail about the McLanahan Corporation hack by the anonymous collective.