Anonymous breached Achinsk City government email database with 7000 emails leaked

According to data published on the DDoSecrets website, an anonymous collective has been made into the Russian city government email database. The hack includes around 7000 government emails being leaked on the web. The total file size of the hack is around 8.5 GB.

Achinsk is a city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, on the right bank of the Chulym River along the Trans-Siberian Railway, 184 kilometres (114 miles) west of Krasnoyarsk. 109,155 residents (2010 Census).

Achinsk’s economy is built on heavy industry, including a refinery and the production of construction materials such as wood, asphalt, and cement. There are additional mechanical, wax, brick, and electrical plants. It also works in the food business, having dairy plants and a meat processing plant, as well as footwear and furniture industries.

The Achinsk Alumina Plant, the city’s main business, is part of the “Rusal” company. The city also runs a cement plant that generates roughly two million tonnes of cement per year.

Since the start of the war, Anonymous is working day and night to try to uncover the Russian propaganda. Many of the Russian government websites have been receiving wrath from the hands of Anonymous.

The anonymous collective had stated in the past also that they will keep coming back for more until Russia backs down. On the victory day parade, Russian tv was hacked by the Anonymous collective.