A Cybersecurity expert has informed a major news website Reuters about a security flaw in their server that could lead to a hack

A user on social media has informed Reuters a major news publishing website that their servers can be hacked easily. He even went on and shared an image of what looks like to be a directory listing of the website.

Since cyberattacks have increased in recent times, several companies have been trying to overcome this by paying hefty amounts to tech companies who can provide security to their websites.

The name of the user is H4xOR, and according to his Twitter bio, he is a cyber security expert who has been working in this field. He is from the united kingdom and joined Twitter in 2016.

He even tried to contact the major news publisher by tagging them. He said that there is a security flaw in their website that he can access. But he informed the organisation about the flaw and was quick to remind them to patch it as soon as possible.

We also tried to reach Reuters about this, however, no one was available for comment at the time of publishing this article.