Users to have more control over always on display feature on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with the new iOS 16.2 Beta update

Apple will give users more control over the always-on display on its iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max devices with the release of its most recent iOS beta. Users will be able to read the information that can be glanced at without, having to tap to wake the screen.

The software update would reportedly allow beta testers to hide their wallpaper and notifications, as there were complaints regarding the display-always-on feature being too bright.

If the always-on display feature is turned off, the user won’t be able to see any notifications or wallpaper choices. Only the clock and lock screen widgets are shown while the screen is locked.

Numerous testimonies claim about this functionality ever since it initially entered beta testing. While some people found it fascinating, others found it to be disruptive.

Users who don’t want this function or find it a little bothersome can turn it off by going to settings and selecting display and brightness. When you’re finished, go down to Always On and turn it off.

For those who are still in the dark, the always-on display feature of the Apple iPhone 14 series is one of its key USPs. The function was added to iOS 16 along with it.

If you wish to try out how this 16.2 beta version will work, you can take part in the open beta. On Apple’s website, you can quickly access the Safari beta software portal. You can then create an account or log in using your Apple ID.


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