Hackers managed to gain access inside Microsoft’s internal network and acquired a small number of internal accounts. They used this account to gain access to Microsoft source code repositories.

The conglomerate company said that hackers couldn’t make any amendments because the compromised accounts only had permission to view the code, but not alter it. The OS maker company said that they are still investigating the matter. Although hackers didn’t try to reach the production system or customer data neither they tried phishing.

The real motive behind the incident is yet to be known. The malware was then used to gain entry on the internal networks of private companies and government agencies across the world.

Earlier also the company has faced similar breaches and they are more or less experienced in handling these cases. When windows 10 and other products were the targets of hackers that Microsoft took this step and brought changes in the source code.

This was not the first time that company discovered the evidence of their networks there have been thousands who fell victim to the same trap earlier. Though this attack is not a matter of much concern because they have an inner source approach the use of open source like culture to making source code viewable within Microsoft, the company said.