BharOS The Indigenous Operating System : Top Notch Features

BharOS is an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) operating system that is designed to be secure and powerful. It is a Made in India operating system with a focus on security, reliability and scalability. It is developed by JandK Operations Private Limited (JandKops), a non-profit organisation incubated at IIT Madras.

Security is the core goal of the BharOS operating system. The OS is distinctive in that it only permits the installation of secure and reliable programmes. Before starting the installation, BharOS checks the programmes. The OS does not grant access if the app is not secure.

Key Features :

  1. BharOS has no default applications (NDA). As a result, consumers are not compelled to utilise programmes that they may not know or trust. This strategy also gives users more control over the permissions that apps are granted on their device.
  2. Users will have access to private app store services (PASS), where professionals will carefully select the apps to ensure that they adhere to strict security and privacy standards. To put it another way, you may rely on the apps you download and use.
  3. Additionally, BharOS provides “Native Over The Air” (NOTA) upgrades that may aid in maintaining the security of the devices. The user does not have to manually start the procedure in order for NOTA updates to be downloaded and installed on the device.
  4. The battery life of your device could be two to three times more than it is now with the BharOS operating system. This is due to the fact that, if you decide to only instal three or five apps, your phone will only have those.



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