Need to pass the SC-900 exam? Here’s everything you need to know

C-900 certification is Microsoft’s fundamentals exam for security, compliance, and identity. It is designed to assess, determine, and test your knowledge of:

  • Identity, security, and compliance
  • Microsoft identity management and access management solutions
  • Solutions from Microsoft in the areas of compliance and security

This SC-900 guide will give you a complete understanding of how to complete the exam. The SC 900 exam is part of the Microsoft Certified: security, compliance, and fundamentals certification program. Furthermore, this certification is designed for individuals interested in educating themselves in the basics of Compliance, Security, and Identity in addition to Microsoft services or cloud-based services.

Who should attend the exam?

There are three types of audiences targeted by the SC-900 exam. These are:

  • Business shareholders
  • IT professionals who are newly employed or currently employed
  • Students interested in cybersecurity, identity, and compliance management

Required knowledge:

As a prerequisite for taking the SC-900 certification exam, you must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. You must be able to grasp the concepts of identity, security, and compliance. In addition, you must understand how to apply these concepts across Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure to provide comprehensive solutions.

You can register for the exam if you are confident.

Registration and scheduling of exams:

There are two ways to register for the exam:

  • Pearson VUE: One way to register is through Pearson VUE.
  • Certiport: SC-900 candidates may also register for their exams through Certiport.

Course outline: 

The syllabus of the SC-900 course exams is divided into four sections:

Part 1: Covers topics such as security, compliance, and identity.

Part 2: This section covers topics such as Microsoft Identity Manager and Management of access to information.

Part3: The integration of Microsoft Security Solutions.

Part4: Provides an overview of the compliance solutions provided by Microsoft.

Details of the exam:

Approximately 40-60 questions will be asked in the Microsoft SC-900 certification exam. The questions will be in the following format:

  •  Choosing the correct answer to a question.
  •  Scenario-based questions.
  •  Question types can be dragged and dropped.
  •  Mark review, drag and drop questions.
  •  Questions such as configuring the series correctly, etc.

Policy on exams:

While taking the exam, you are required to follow specific rules and policies established by Microsoft. Therefore, it is imperative for you to adhere to these guidelines at the exam center and for the duration of the examination.

Here are a few rules:

  • Retake policy for the exam: According to Microsoft’s retake policy, if you fail in the initial attempt, you may take the examination again within 24 hours; however, if you don’t clear the test on the second attempt, you must wait 14 more days before retaking the exam.
  •  Cancellation or rescheduling of exams: As part of Microsoft’s services, you have the option of rescheduling or canceling your appointment; however, if you cancel your appointment six days before the day of your appointment, you will not be charged. You must pay a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel your appointment within five days or less of the appointment date.

Some points on how to prepare for the Microsoft SC-900 test

For the SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity fundamentals exam, candidates must possess sufficient knowledge. Although there are many approaches to learning, we will focus on four main types of SC-900 guides to make the process as straightforward as possible.

  • Taking practice tests: Practice tests are an effective method of preparing for an examination. The more practice tests you attempt, the more familiar you will become with the question types that are asked. Furthermore, you will be able to manage your time effectively and determine what domain you should focus on first. Therefore, you should perform as many practice tests as possible for the SC-900 course.
  • Learning platform provided by Microsoft: The SC-900 course exam is available through a variety of learning resources offered by Microsoft. Visit their official website to obtain detailed information and knowledge from the provided study guide.
  • Microsoft Docs: There is a reason why Microsoft Docs is referred to as a knowledge powerhouse since it contains detailed information about each certification. Using Microsoft Docs for this exam will also help you understand the SC-900 training concepts and scales comprehensively. It will also contain modules that will assist you in understanding the concepts.
  • Studying online: You may take the SC-900 training course with an experienced trainer. Attend a demo class to get a feel for how the trainers explain every concept.

What are the benefits of obtaining SC-900 certification? 

Credentials from Microsoft can significantly improve career prospects, including job opportunities, promotions, etc. Achieving SC-900 certification offers the following advantages:

  • A solid foundation: Instead of focusing on each principle, Microsoft certification programs emphasize the competencies necessary for success in a given position. 
  • Acknowledgment: There is no doubt that many companies recognize Microsoft’s certifications due to its reputation for quality.
  • Stand out from the crowd: The IT industry requires up-to-date knowledge. Once the candidate has been certified by Microsoft and has demonstrated sufficient foundational knowledge of Compliance, Security, and Identity, the candidate will become more competitive and more noticeable to potential employers.
  • Ways to increase pay: There is no question that a certified specialist is entitled to a higher salary. Upon passing the SC-900 exam, the candidate will possess skills that will facilitate employment in any organization.


There is no doubt that Microsoft tests can lead to a successful SC-900 career, but they also present a challenge. Possessing the necessary technical expertise and skills of one of the world’s leading companies can open up opportunities for you. In the SC-900 certification exam, you are required to demonstrate your understanding of security concepts and best practices.


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