iOS 14 pro tips- Now you can hide whole pages of apps


If you are minimal and like to keep things organized then these tips are exclusively for you.

Yes, you got me. Now you can hide the entire pages of the app that you don’t use very often or those whom you don’t want to see but have kept just like that: P.

OS 14 now gives the option to hide the entire pages of the app.

Let us look at how can we do this-

  1. Long-press on your Home screen.
  2. Click on the dock to bring up the Edit Pages screen as shown in the picture.
Page indicator
Caption: image source ZD


3) Now uncheck the pages you want to hide.

Uncheck the pages you want to hide
Caption: image source ZD

4) Next click on Done and here it is!

Click Done and you're done
Caption: image source ZD


This way you can manage those apps and let can get rid of clutter on your screen. Also, you need not worry about those apps, those will be available in the App Library.

It’s a great way to manage apps according to your priority and mood.