duckduckgo caught in a controversy of tracking its users data

DuckDuckGo, the privacy leader in space of search engine, has been caught gathering info about the site visited by its user through their Android App.

DuckDuckGo stores the favicons of the websites on a diff internal server hosted at

In other words, the hostnames of the visited website call its own server when you visit a site or check with the local browser to fetch favicon.

Instead of calling up for the favicon from the visited website server duckduckgo calls their server to request the favicon of the website.

Putting it in easy words, it transfers the user’s browsing data to one of its servers without the user’s consent.


Gabriel Weinberg acknowledged the issue and it posted on Hacker. He also assured the users not to use the favicons for anything other than displaying them on their Android Browser.

duduckgo has announced an update to fix this issue as soon as possible.


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