How to install WhatsApp on your Windows computer?

WhatsApp is one of the most trending apps used for communication nowadays.

Anything can be shared starting from a small talk to a bigger MBs file.

WhatsApp was earlier used in Android smartphones and iPhones with various features.

Additionally, WhatsApp can now be used via computer/laptops (desktops).

WhatsApp can be featured on your desktop without a browser.

How to install WhatsApp on desktop –

To install WhatsApp on desktop, you can download it from the Microsoft Store, App store or from WhatsApp website.

However, WhatsApp also works in desktop.

Once you install from the app store, you’ll get access to all its feature, however you can also use WhatsApp web in your browser.

How to download WhatsApp desktop –

Search WhatsApp download on your computer’s browser and download the .exe or .dmg file.

Follow the other instructions poping up further downloading, once you successfully download .exe or .dmg file.

How to log in and log out in desktop WhatsApp –

Connect your phone and desktop/laptop to internet and open WhatsApp app.

Simultaneously, open settings and click on linked devices in your mobile.

Additionally, place your phone infront of your desktop/laptop WhatsApp web and scan it via your phone camera.

After the web is scanned, you can turn off your internet connection in your phone and continue using WhatsApp from your laptop/desktop.