What does this RSS means on the Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Space Ship?

A lot of people are now happy for Jeff Bezos on the successful flight of his dream project Blue Origin. In that spaceship, a famous actor from the Star Trek movie William Shatner was also invited to go in space along with the other space crew.


While a lot of people were clicking photographs of the event and one of them geared everyone’s eyes on something interesting. While everyone was boarding the ship on the entrance of the sip it was written RSS First Step. Now a lot of people made comments in the Indian RSS group. However, we are here to rescue and this RSS is the name of the spaceship for those who don’t know. The previous crew capsule was known as the “RSS Jules Verne,” with the letters “RSS” standing for “Reusable Space Ship.” Bezos claims to have sold roughly $100 million worth of seats for Blue Origin’s space flights. “Demand is really strong,” the billionaire remarked following the first successful launch of New Shepard.