PSLV-C54 has packed all the satellites in bag and is ready to launch in space, get to know all about it 

As part of the EOS 06 C54 mission, ISRO is to launch OceanSat-3 and eight nanosatellites on 26 November 2022. A report by PTI says that the mission will launch OceanSat-03, along with BhutanSat, a Bhutanese satellite, a nano-satellite called Anand, developed by Pixxel India, and other nano-satellites developed by Dhruva Space, the launch of OceanSat-3 will facilitate the potential of applications in other areas.

Oceansat-3 has a mass of 960Kg and will operate at 1,360 Watts. As far as the count is concerned it is the 84th mission and fifth mission this year.


OceanSat-3, and those eight nano-satellites, will be launched from the First Launch Pad, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. The main objective of this rocket launch is that it would be instrumental in studying surface winds and ocean surface strata, monitoring phytoplankton blooms, studying suspended sediments and aerosols in the water, and observing chlorophyll concentrations.





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