What is new in Spotify podcasts?

2019 witnessed the emergence of Spotify’s podcasting venture. Taking the efforts forward, the music company is now going to expand the audio program. Spotify, recently announced that it will be taking forward Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), its new, proprietary podcast ad technology for Spotify Podcast Ads.

The technology makes important information — like actual ad impressions, frequency, reach, plus anonymised age, gender and device type — available to podcasters and advertisers for the first time.

At launch, Spotify’s SAI technology will only be made available to its original and exclusive shows.

With this, SAI aims to improve the ad experience even more because the ads will be better-targeted and data-driven, like other modern-day digital marketing.

 “The problem we’re solving with Spotify podcast ads is really on the advertiser’s side — advertisers have no idea how their ads are working. They don’t even know whether or not an ad they purchase is being consumed by a listener,” said Jay Richman, VP, Head of Global Advertising Business & Platform.

The new update will give Spotify a way to better compete with the default podcast apps from Apple and Google. The former, Apple Podcasts, still claims the majority of podcast app market share — but that’s been slipping as Spotify gains.

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