Sundar Pichai Google CEO Said He cant wait to see this person

Sundar Pichai, or Pichai Sundararajan, is an Indian-American business executive. He is the CEO of Alphabet Inc., as well as it’s subsidiary Google. Pichai was born in Madras, India, and received his metallurgical engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur.

He replied to a tweet by Thomas Curian who is the CEO of Google Cloud. Sundar Pichai said he will also join the launch of Google Cloud Next’21.

In a blog post by Google CLoud it said:

Every year, we look forward to Google Cloud Next as a chance to showcase our newest cloud technologies, honor our customers and partners’ accomplishments, and give a glimpse into the future. This year, we’re grateful for the numerous ways we’ve helped incredible companies of all kinds digitally change their businesses, even as we place greater bets on what will drive business transformation for decades to come.

Our aim at Google Cloud is to help businesses change their businesses digitally by providing the finest infrastructure, platform, industry solutions, and expertise. We have three distinct skills that are becoming increasingly relevant as the speed of digital change in nearly every business accelerates. First, our cloud platform, which is designed and built to help businesses transform through digitization; second, our deep and broad ecosystem of consumer services and devices, as well as our ability to help businesses connect their enterprise and consumer ecosystems; and third, our comprehensive security offerings, which help businesses protect their data.