Breaking News : Russia is preparing to disconnect from the global internet

Russia has plans to disconnect itself from the global internet. According to a document that surfaced on the internet, it confirms that the authorities in Russia are taking steps to remove themselves from the global internet.

Networks in other countries are frequently used to get around laws prohibiting particular sites or conduct. Russia’s “sovereign internet” law went into force in 2019, giving the government the authority to cut the country from the global internet in the event of a cyberattack.

According to some sources Russia has full plans to disconnect from the Global Internet. Recent cyberattacks from all of the free world have made Russia do this. Russia had tested this in 2019 itself if the cyber attack happens on the country.

Anonymous a hacktivist group has shared an image of the copy of the order. The content is in the Russian language, and we have tried our best to translate it. Here it follows :


Here is the Russian version of it :