is apple getting ready to make changes on MacBook Pro?

Earlier also Apple has brought drastic changes when it got rid of MagSafe in favour of USB-C and added a Touch Bar about which people got no idea.

A tipper Ming-Chi Kuo is right- we could expect these two features back in new MacBooks as well.


Here’s Kuo’s note:

  • Two new models — 14-inch and 16-inch, all Apple Silicon powered (no Intel option)
  • A new flat-edged form factor
  • MagSafe charging is back
  • The Touch Bar is out, and physical buttons are back
  • More I/O ports so users will need to rely less on dongles

If Mr Kuo is right- as mostly he is then these changes will undo most of the changes that were already introduced by Apple in the past years.

Talking about the least used touch bars, plainly speaking out of these many Mac users I have rarely seen anyone using the touch bar, most of them don’t even touch it.

Moving back to MagSafe and more ports are good news.

Two possible reasons come to mind:

Damaged USB-C ports from charging accidents is a warranty issue that Apple is seeing a lot of

The move to Apple Silicon frees up space inside the MacBook Pro chassis for more ports

However it’s still unclear as to when we will have them in market. The rumours suggest that the new MacBook Pros are in development. There a lot can happen between the anticipation of changes and the final product.