The basic principles of gaining experience in Apex Legends and selecting legends for a beginner

Apex Legends is a futuristic battle royale shooter where the player has to fight alone or with a squad for the right to emerge victorious and stay alive in a survival simulator. But Apex Legends is based on heroes – characters with unique skills that you have to buy for game currency, but how to choose them and which agents to pay attention to – we will discuss in this article.


The faster, better and better you conduct your fights, the more experience you get. Experience is used to purchase and unlock new agents and acquire various equipment.

Experience is given:

For the victory on the map – you, or your squad, was the last survivor on the map – the maximum experience is 900 EXP.

For killing opponents – knockout is taken into account, not knockdown – the character must die without a chance of reanimation – 50 EXP for each defeated enemy.

For getting into the top 3 survivors – 300 EXP, of course, a defeat, this is not a victory and the reward is reduced, but this is a nice bonus that allows you to grow in level and open new agents and strengthen weapons.

Reanimation of allies – when your teammate receives strong, but not fatal damage, he goes into a knockout, from which an ally must bring him out, otherwise the character will die. For each help to a team member, you will receive 50 EXP.

Champion kill – in each match, the most effective player is formed, who confidently destroys opponents and accumulates a series of kills. For the destruction of such an enemy, the game will award 500 EXP.

Globally, experience is obtained quite difficult and long in Apex Legends, but due to the large number of repeatable actions, you can significantly increase the total amount of experience. Remember that for each level the amount grows and can exceed 18.000 experience.


There are services that can help a beginner get used to Apex Legends, and experienced players get the opportunity to quickly reach a high level.

How Apex Legends boosting service can help a beginner

  1. Speed ​​up leveling – the higher the player’s level, the more sets and agents he can get. Boosting is about recruiting a professional player to quickly gain levels.
  2. Training – a professional player takes the player under his wing and systematically teaches the basics of Apex Legends, talks about the main agents, selects an operative for the style of play and teaches good roleplaying alone and in a team. A good coach will help you quickly gain confidence in your abilities.
  3. Getting rating points – this option is more useful for experienced players who, for various reasons, are stuck on their rating, but want to climb higher and fight with the best players in Apex. Beginners should not rush with rating boosting and concentrate on learning and growing their personal skill.
  4. Unlocking Achievements – There are many achievements in Apex Legends that require various game actions in large numbers to complete. Achievement boosting is for players who don’t want to spend time doing anything other than fighting.

The best agents for beginners


A full-fledged field medic in the royal battle. It has a reanimating drone in its arsenal, which does not require actions from it when raising an ally from a knockdown – the character can fully fire, and the drone will do everything necessary.

Drone with first aid kits – heals itself, or allies by replacing field healing agents.

Supplies – gives not the strongest, but supplies that can help out in the absence of better options.


Scout and ranger – sees the traces of opponents, thanks to his hunter skill, reveals enemy invisibility and makes opponents more contrasting for the rest.


Senses the approach of the enemy and alerts allies, but does not see the enemy and does not know the exact location. Can go to another dimension, becoming invisible and invulnerable for a short period of time. Creates rifts and moves into them to any point on the map, regardless of distance.


A solid hero for players with poor and not yet developed shooting skills. The character constantly regenerates health until he takes damage. Can set up and use the trampoline with allies to overcome heights and obstacles. Uses stimulants to speed up walking and running almost twice for a while.

All three heroes were not chosen by chance, but because of their role in the squad – for beginners, the role of a support at the beginning of their game path will be useful in order to follow the actions of more experienced comrades and gain experience through interaction with allies. Over time, you can move on to more complex agents and become a full-fledged combat unit, or remain a support, if this role is to your liking.

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