Sea of Thieves: How to Get Started in A Pirate’s Life

Sea of Thieves has been updated regularly throughout the years. It’s been a while since the game received an update as significant as A Pirate’s Life. It’s the first story-based ad in years, and it’s an incredibly fantastic campaign for lovers of Pirates of the Caribbean. You may experience the Sea of Thieves alone or with your crew in the Sea of Thieves. They entail resolving puzzles, utilizing original mechanics, and facing dangers. They also convey a story.

This walkthrough for A Pirate’s Life explains what to anticipate at each turn, Best Sea of Thieves hacks and cheats, or visit our site for more details, how to complete the in-depth side tasks, and where to look for those annoying hidden Journals.

Best Hacks and Cheats

Reaching the sea of damned:

After passing through the portal, you will reach a loading area known as the Tunnels of the Damned. You can’t steer the vessel or jump off; you can only sit back and observe the spectral manifestations as they pass by until you pass through another portal and arrive in the Sea of the Damned. You’ll sail straight toward an island once you regain control of your vessel. Once you have safely stopped, you can go inland.

Dock the ship:

After losing control of your wheel after exiting the second portal in “Strange Shores,” you might be tempted to let your ship continue its journey. To avoid damaging your ship at the start of your adventure, it is now time for you to assume the helm.

Straight ahead, you can see where you’re going: an island with a silhouette of craggy cliffs and palm palms. Raise your sails, get on board, and get off! If you take out your compass, you will discover that you are essentially on the island’s East-by-Southeast side.

Follow the dead man’s Grotto:

To go through Dead Man’s Grotto, a relatively easy linear cave, you must solve a few little riddles. Enjoy the journey since there are no side missions or Journals to uncover in Dead Man’s Grotto. Your progress will be blocked in each “room” by a simple puzzle. Look about the area for hints and objects that you may use to trigger the next doorway’s opening, such as lights, levers, pulleys, and the like. Never go around the back of a door you’ve previously opened.

Find the cursed captain:

You’ll hear the voice of a Cursed Captain asking for assistance to free his skull from a hanging prison as soon as you make your way into the region below. To learn how to ascend, pay attention to the Captain’s speech. It will need scaling several buildings, diving through a shipwreck, and finally hoisting pulleys to reach the summit. See if you can make the cage fall by interacting with it. Arrive at the Captain below once you’ve been dumped. He indicates where to look for the cage’s key, which his gang has hidden at a local bar. When you find his crew, look around for whatever you can interact with until you find the key to free the captain from his captivity.

The lighthouse:

The Cursed Captain’s Skull will cause the bridge to raise, allowing you to climb the lighthouse where there are numerous items to engage with if you don’t wish to investigate the Side Quests and Hidden Journals. The next stage in the Core Story is to visit the ancient Lighthouse, suggested by the Cursed Captain as soon as you have his skull. Understanding the Captain’s speech will enable you to comprehend what you must accomplish here. Once you have, the Captain will locate a Key and place it between his teeth before telling you to proceed to his ship farther up the beach.

Final words

After a brief conversation, you can initiate the action by interacting with the Flame of Fates in the deck’s center. The first compartment you see when you enter the ship’s deck is that it has provisions for cannonballs and fruit. Return to the top deck when you’re ready to engage in conflict with a variety of dangers there while also using your cannons and hand-to-hand fighting. After completing this combat and all of the cutscenes, exit the Ferry of the Damned through the Captain’s Door. Congrats on beginning your reading of A Pirate’s Life!



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