Samsung’s most awaited monitor Odessey Ark is arriving in India on October 7, 2022: Gamers await the advanced developments!

When Samsung, one of the most advanced gadget brands brought out its Odessey Ark, gamers were delighted. This is a gaming monitor predominantly. It not only has the best features but also has the greatest of applications available on the laptop.

Today, the official launch date of the Odessey Ark gaming monitor by Samsung has been announced in India. It will be made available on October 7, 2022, at 12 p.m. sharp. The launch will be conducted virtually with the help of the company’s sources. This gaming monitor was launched via a YouTube teaser in India.

Prospective buyers not only await the launch but also await the benefits that will come along with it. Several additional benefits up to ₹ 31, 499 are available on the Odessey Ark monitor.

Features of Odessey Ark

Its amazing features include a 55-inch QLED display. It also has a refresh date of 165 Hz. It also has a display with a 4K resolution and has Mini LED technology.

This gaming monitor is considered to be one of the most advanced monitors by Samsung to date.

Price of Odessey Ark

This is a top-notch gaming monitor and it will cost approximately ₹ 2,69,000 in India.


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