Get ready for a new gaming app by Facebook

Facebook is about to launch an app that will take all gaming related content including streamers from facebook to its gaming app. The app was to be launched in June, however, it will be available on Android devices by April 20.

The app is aimed to attach 700 million users who are attached to the gaming network. The app will have a Go Live feature which will help the creators to go live. Also, you can watch the stream or you can stream on it as well if you are a creator. This app will create a bridge between friends by allowing games such as UNO and Words on its platform.

The app is only available on android platform, however, it will soon be available for iOS users after it’s approved by apple.

“It’s entertainment that’s not just a form of passive consumption but entertainment that is interactive and brings people together.” – Fidji Simo Head Facebook App

Right now ads are not going to be there on the platform and Facebook will earn its way through the tip given to streams by taking a cut from it.

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