A blatant God of War imitation called War Gods Zeus of Child is now available on Xbox

How many of you have thought of using an Xbox device to play God of War? Even while it may not be exactly what you were looking for, it’s still something!

With all due respect, it looks like Unity was used to build this poor imitation. Aside from the absence of music or sound effects, you are limited to watching Kratos fight an interminable number of foes in an arena-style environment until you fall out or die.

Everyone is shocked that Xbox hasn’t yet recognized the PlayStation mascot in the game despite it being a part of the Xbox Creators Collection for seven days.

According to Eurogamer, Dolaka Ltd, a company that appears to be a one-person operation based in Bromley, South London, constructed the “game” based on its internet logs.

A blatant God of War imitation called War Gods Zeus of Child made it past the security measures and onto the Xbox store. I doubt Sony will release a God of War game on Xbox, though. Sony has made it clear that it wants to publish more games for PC and mobile platforms. Even though Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has said that the God of War sequel God of War Ragnarok is the game he most wants to play next, we don’t think he would enjoy this phony version of the game.

Microsoft’s stringent certification requirements typically prevent imitations from making it to the store, as we occasionally see on mobile app stores, but Eurogamer speculates that Dolaka’s games may be sold through the Xbox Creators Program, which lets Xbox developers avoid the standard procedures needed to publish games. If your game “integrates Xbox services and meets our regular Store requirements,” according to Microsoft’s statement on the Xbox Creators Program website, “you are ready to publish.”

A statement from Microsoft has not been released yet about what might happen if the game continues to remain on sale.