Get to know about the AnTuTu score of Motorola Moto X40 Processor

Motorola means no competition because it tries to bring the feature that makes it incomparable with any other brand in the market. From its camera to design, software to hardware everything is up to the mark. And there have been a lot of rumors and reports about the Motorola Moto X 40 about its design and features. But now it seems that we have got something concrete that you can trust.

We have to talk about the Motorola Moto X 40 AnTuTu Score. A Twitter username Abhishek Yadav took his Twitter account to reveal about this phone. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has got a 1.3 million score. Mediatek Density 9200 has got 1.25 million scores. A number of comments that we got to see on this post. A Twitter user named Imran Haque wrote that “the total score alone doesn’t tell the full story. The CPU and GPU score could be higher in 9200 but still come behind due to UX and memory score”



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