Top electric Cars launched in 2022

An electric car is basically an automobile which works on charging rather than on Petrol/ Diesel. It uses energy stored batteries which do not harm nature by any harmful emissions.

Moreover, electric cars do not have any Petrol or Diesel engine but have just a battery which gets itself charged on charging points.

Initially, electric vehicles appeared in the 1890s. However, till 2016, the electric cars recorded 1 million units delivered globally. And around 4.8 million electric cars were used in 2019.

In 2020, the Tesla Model 3 exceeded the Nissan Leaf, and became the world’s best selling electric cars ever, and it sold over 500,000 total units in March, 2020. Apart from Tesla, there are many companies who produce electric vehicles in which they produce electric scooters, cars, trucks and many more.

In 2022, by April month, a total of 2,150 units of various electric cars will be sold. There are many manufacturers of electric cars who produce and sell them across the world.

There are many newly launched electric cars in the market. Here are some Top listed electric cars of 2022.

1)Tata Nexon EV, EV Max –

Tata Nexon is considered as one of the best – selling electric cars in India which costs around 14th Lakhs. It offers a 312-kilometre range when it is fully charged.

2)MG ZS –

The all new MG ZS, 5 seater works on an automatic system which costs around 21 Lakhs. It gives 419 to 461 kilometres range when it is fully charged. However, the battery capacity is 44.5 – 50.3 kWh.

3)Audi E-tron –

The all wheel drive EV offers a perfect and luxurious feel while driving. Moreover, the beast costs around 1.1 crore which runs 430 km when it is fully charged.



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