Tesla’s Model X SUV has this poor feature; Know what it is

Tesla’s Model X is the company’s first crossover SUV which is one of the powerful EVs in the market. It consists of a pair of electric motors and other innovative features. However, its falcon-wing doors are totally apart from the rest.

The EVs steering wheel has a stylish touch which is made considering the yoke-style. Also, the large center displays screen and allows access to fun apps and features. Tesla’s Autopilot driving mode is also standard.

Consequently the new feature of the Tesla EV is its rear-passenger falcon-wing doors. It gives an easy way to get family members inside the EV. The door opens upward that provides better access to the backside rows. However, some owners have said that the doors can’t even open it’s fifty percent.

The owners of the Model X have several complaints on its falcon-wing doors. Also, some owners wished that Tesla would remove this feature.