TATA Magic EV debuted at the Auto Expo 2023: It will launch soon

The Auto Expo 2023 was held in India a few days ago. The TATA Magic EV debuted at this event. Let’s have a look at its specifications mentioned below.



Specifications TATA Magic EV
Transmission It has a single speed transmission type. 
Suspension It has a semi elliptical leaf spring at front and rear suspension. 
Battery Capacity  It has a battery capacity of 14-20 kWh. 
Charging Options It has slow, fast and home charging options. 
Gross Vehicle Weight It has a gross vehicle weight of 2180 kg. 
Wheelbase It has a wheelbase of 2100 mm. 
Resistance Rating It is rated IP67 water and dust resistant.
Cooling System It has an advanced battery cooling system for conducting its operations safely. 

The TATA Magic EV is branded as an advanced electric vehicle or EV. It is designed for commercial usage. Its applications include its usability as an ambulance, a school van or a stage carriage. Most importantly, this EV is based on the TATA Ace EV which was revealed in the year 2022.


The price of the TATA Magic EV is not known yet. The launch of this electric vehicle is expected to be done some time later in the year 2023.

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