Honda goes a step ahead to keep its Honda Activa safe from thievery 

It’s possible that somebody saved throughout the year to buy or gift a two-wheeler Honda Activa but thieves stole it. The same happened with the riders of the Honda Activa which makes it to be on the top of the list of most stolen scooters. Every complex lock has been mastered by thieves but it doesn’t mean that we leave the fate of our vehicles in their hands of them.

To cop with this situation Honda is to come with  Honda Activa Smart Variant. Its details have been leaked ahead of its launch and say the variant is equipped with an advanced security system that is homologated. Its poster has revealed that it will be launched on 23rd Jan 2023. Honda filed an application to trademark ‘H-Smart’ in India in December 2022, which has been approved.

The trademark details show that this is an anti-theft system for two-wheeled vehicles. According to reports, this could be a low-cost version of the Honda Ignition Security System (HISS). Honda does provide this security system in Honda bikes such as CBR650R, CB650R, and CRF1100L Africa Twin. Its microchip embedded key has got a key that is read by ECU that makes sure the starting of the bike only authorizes access through the real key.


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