FSD Beta 10.69.1 to release soon, announces Elon Musk, promises 10.69.2 to launch a week later

On August 20th, FSD Beta 10.69, which was earlier known as 10.13 came out to the first 1000 testers. Out of them, most were the employees themselves. Since the early FSD Betas, this has been one of the most foreseeable updates. While some of that was due to the anticipated improvements in this beta, the other was due to the fact that it has been a while since the last upgrade. The new version did receive plenty of applauds, and therefore Tesla is continuing to the phased rollout.

Earlier, Elon Musk said that he would switch to 10,000 testers once 1000 tester phase goes well. It seems that the testing has been good enough as Musk, on Thursday, said that 10.69.1 would release Monday night which is only 8 days after the initial release. A week later of its release, people will witness the release of 10.69.2 .

Musk appears to be confident much regarding the features of FSD Beta. Reason being the prices announcement by him for the sams. Musk mentions that the price of FSD will continue to increase to $15,000 of FSD Beta in  North America on September 5. Currently, it is ranged at $12,000 in the US and $12,800 in Canada.


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