Netizens are amused by Anand Mahindra’s tweet on “Mr. Arnold Subhashnagar”

Anand Mahindra’s recent Twitter post reflects India’s ability to embrace everything as their own. His tweet has left netizens genuinely amused.

He said, “This is the ‘Great Indian Funnel.’ We adopt everything and everyone & give them Indian Avatars.” Mr. Mahindra has shared an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger painted on an Indian wall. Instead of writing down his proper last name, the painter has given Mr. Schwarzenegger an Indian version, “Mr. Subhashnagar.”

Some netizens from Bangalore have replied to the tweet hilariously calling him, “Arnold Shivajinagar.”

The 67-year-old chairperson of Mahindra Group, Mr. Anand Mahindra has been famous for his witty and funny tweets. He is known for drawing the attention of creative people. On May 5th during a launch of a certain vehicle, he has discretely tweeted with a video, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

When a Twitter user asked him about the date of the vehicle launch. He swiftly replied, “Sshhhh. If I tell you, I’ll be fired.”

Mr. Mahindra’s responses to Twitter users are always remarkably quick-witted and humorous.