Is Elon’s ‘twitter bots’ is a fake news?

Elon musk’s Twitter bots are fake news. the second thoughts are because of debt burden.

Every tech enthusiast is familiar with Elon musk’s statement about taking over Twitter to solve “free speech ” problems.  For the past few days, Musk is bragging about the company Twitter having a large share of bots. But the second thought about buying Twitter is not because of the fake bots, reports say.

in April this year, in a file made with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Us, Elon Musk told that he had received many letters and commitments from the banks about funding. But the step back here is that billions of funds mean billions of loans to pay back. now, due to these issues, Elon is trying to back out of his commitment to buy a large share from Twitter or at least to buy it for less price.

Reports also say that Twitter’s annual interest expenses will increase up to $900 billion dramatically.

These numbers are high and causes the twitter to go flat purse. This puts pressure on the new CEO of company to increase the profits and to restrict the company to go into debts. Elon Musk himself said that there is an recession coming on the way to the Us and will last at least for 12 to 18 months. Experts also said that the company may see profits in long time but, as of now the profits are not with in reach.