Punjab based plant generates 1.5 lakh MW electricity using paddy stubble

Punjab established plant has been producing 1.5 lakh MW electricity each year by utilizing paddy stubble and enabling lessen pollution in Punjab and Delhi.

The SAEL Limited Biomass Plant is producing additional than 1.5 lakh MW of electricity each year from 2 lakh tonnes of paddy straw created in 1 lakh acres of land.

Due to this plant, we are not only helping reduce pollution here but also generating jobs for 2000 unemployed people. There are four plants out of which three are functioning and one is getting ready soon – Sanjay Ahuja, Head told to ANI

SAEL has substantiated its aptitude in the design, formation, and operation of biomass plants for the huge-scale generation of electricity in India without boosting the carbon footprint. The biomass plants of 15 MW each are placed at Ghazipur, UP, and Muktsar Punjab.

The production of electricity with biomass helps them to formulate the rural economy, and moreover restore and replenish resources. With over 24 types of fuels specified, their biomass plants are recognized for their efficiency and scalability.