Passenger may love this new announcement by Delta

You may have not boarded the flight last year.

You may be wanting to take a flight and continue your desire for chilling at your dream place, am I right?

No matter want we will like our connectivity smoothly running even inside the planes. If this is the case with you too then we have good news for you- “Accelerating the future of in-flight connectivity at Delta.” ”

Your this wish will come to be true shortly.

Delta announced a partnership with satellite Wi-Fi provider Viasat. This is the advantage of owning powerful equipment.

Delta’s managing director of inflight entertainment and Wi-Fi Glenn Latta said: “Viasat’s high-speed satellite-powered technology changes the game for what we can offer.”

American Airlines, JetBlue, and others have used Viasat for some time. In few planes not in all.

American Airlines has spent a couple of years pulling seatback screens out of its domestic aircraft. The company believes that everyone should bring their own device.

This may affect those travelers who like to multitask watching a movie, listing to music, and simultaneously adept at typing a few things on the screen.

Meanwhile, Delta is doing the opposite. It is actually adding more screens.