IIT Guwahati in collab with IBM develops an AI-powered ‘Smart-Engineer’

IIT Guwahati in collab with IBM develops an AI-powered 'Smart-Engineer'

Indirectly ‘Smart Engineer’ will be a storehouse for the companies…

The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) announced the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) – assisted engineering system design tool ‘Smart-Engineer’ which will advance greater penetration of electric vehicles (EVs) on the country’s roads.

The ‘Smart-Engineer’, made by the e-mobility lab (EML) at IIT Guwahati tries to address one of the essential obstacles in indigenizing the EV technology, which is the lack of trained human resources in engineering design and system integration. A key challenge presented by EV technology is, “how can a pool of trained human resources with the technical know-how be created in the shortest possible time?” IIT Guwahati’s EML has been progressing in the direction of tending to this critical challenge utilizing AI.

In the primary phase, the EML has built up an AI-based electric motor designer that enables a novice design engineer to design a motor for EV application, without the requirement for much intervention from experts. In Smart-Engineer, the knowledge base of expert motors designers is captured and modified utilizing IBM Watson’s AI platform hosted on IBM Public Cloud. In the long run, the Smart-Engineer empowers fresh engineers to learn from the collective knowledge and wisdom of the experts without necessarily having to interact with them. At whatever point the design engineer needs to look for a solution to their inquiries, they can consult the Smart-Engineer and find the solutions.

Talking about the development of Smart-Engineer, Prof Praveen Kumar, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE), IIT Guwahati, was quoted saying, “The current version of Smart-Engineer is able to address the fundamentals involved in the design of induction motors. The early results are very promising, and we now intend to expand the capability of Smart-Engineer to include the finer aspects of motor design.”

He further added, “We are compiling the know-why of motor design that we have gathered over the years in the e-mobility lab (EML) and will use this knowledge repository, combined with IBM’s AI & cloud capabilities, to make Smart-Engineer even smarter.”

For the unversed, ‘Smart Engineer’ will indirectly be a storehouse for the companies as the collective knowledge of their expert engineers will be maintained through it.

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