Apple to launch iPhone 14 in India, soon after the China smart devices are released

According to reports, Apple Inc. is looking for alternatives to manufacture their products, replacing China due to the odds between US and China presidency.

Apple Inc is all set with its plan of action for this year. Apple will be making the iPhone 14 in India soon after the production of China-made devices.

Two months after the China-based smart devices are released, Apple will bring its new model of iPhones to the public.

Reports say that Apple, which has manufactured the majority of its iPhones in China for a long time, is now looking for alternatives. Because Xi Jinping’s presidency tussles with the US government.

Furthermore, due to the overly cautious COVID 19 guidelines, many tech companies experienced component shortages during their production cycle. This had an influence on certain tech corporations, including Apple, which no longer intends to continue manufacturing in China.

According to people familiar with the situation, the company is working with suppliers to rapidly increase manufacturing in India and reduce the discrepancy in production of the new iPhone from the typical six to nine months for previous launches.

In India, Apple Inc. relies on Foxconn’s plant that exists in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai. Sources reveal that the Sriperumbudur plant will soon begin making the upcoming iPhone 14 series, iPads, as well as MacBooks, and desktops.

In addition to this, Foxconn is considering expansion in a variety of areas.
It will either take over existing manufacturing facilities or, more likely, establish new ones in the coming years.

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