How a 2.39 crore stolen Bentley Mulsanne from London ended up in Pakistan

A splendour Bentley Mulsanne sedan car, worth of Rs 2.39 crore was stolen from London several weeks ago which has now been recovered by the customs officials in Pakistan from a bungalow in Pakistan’s Karachi during a raid on Saturday.

Consequently, the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement (CCE) in Karachi conducted the raid after receiving information from the UK National Crime Agency that a stolen Bentley Mulsanne sedan was parked in the driveway of a residence in the DHA locality in the city. The authorities has seized the car and also the officials found some illegal firearms in other home.

Consequently, the robbers forgot to remove the tracing tracker in the Bentley, which helped the UK officials to trace the exact location of the car. Accordingly, the people involved in this robbery managed to import the car to Pakistan using documents of a top diplomat of an eastern European country. However, the main mastermind of the robbery is yet to be arrested.



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