Developer of The Last of Us Remake Responds to “Cash Grab” Objections

As per the news floating around the internet, it claims that the planned remake of The Last of Us, also known as The Last of Us Part I, has drawn a lot of criticism for feeling like a “cash grab.” It’s a 2014 PS4 remaster that was released in a $70 version nine years ago. According to what Naughty Dog has revealed, this impending remake won’t primarily include any significantly new content, and the plot will remain unchanged. To put it simply, this remake is simply a much, much prettier, and improved version of a beloved game. That’s not to minimize the effort put out, but it seems like a hefty price tag for this kind of remake.

Developer of The Last of Us Remake Responds to "Cash Grab" Objections

Robert Morrison, a Bend Studio animator and one of the game’s developers, said that The Last of Us Part I is not a money grab and went on to explain why he thinks the project is more than what some people are portraying it to be. The remake, according to Morrison, has received a lot of attention from Naughty Dog and is the most precisely planned and executed project he has ever worked on. In actuality, he has never seen or participated in a project that has been so carefully created and crafted in my whole career. the greatest amount of care and consideration for detail.

We also came to know from the sources, that it is yet unknown how much of it will make the expensive price tag for a remake of a game that is already readily available justifiable. The remake is probably being created to appeal to individuals who haven’t played it, especially those who could be interested in playing it after seeing The Last of Us on HBO in 2023.  In either case, nobody is compelled to purchase the game at launch for the full price. If someone who has already played the game truly wants to get their hands on the remake, they can wait.