India has manufactured its first indigenous 9mm Machine pistol

Our very indigenous research organization DRDO told Livemint that it has developed India’s first indigenous 9mm machine pistol.

The weapon is named “Asmi” meaning ‘Pride’, ‘Self- Respect’, and ‘Hard- Work.’ It is built to replace the 9mm pistols in the defense forces.

Asmi is built by DRDO with the help of the Indian Army. Infantry School and DRDO Armament Research and Development Established, Pune have designed and developed it.

The weapon has been developed in 4 months. The machine pistol is made from aircraft-grade Aluminium.

Designing has been done by using a 3-D printing process and prototyping of various parts. The weapon has a huge advantage in the Armed Forces. This would be useful in the Armed Forces as a personal weapon for commanders, riders, counter-terrorism, closed quarter battle, and various others like VIP protection duties and policing.

This 9mm Machine Pistol will cost 50000 rs and has export potential too. This makes the weapon apt according to its name- Asmi.


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