Cyberwar Against Russia: Russian Government Sites are Potentially Compromised by Anonymous Hackers

As per the news floating around the internet, it claims that Anonymous, a disorganized collective of hacktivists, has launched another cyberattack on Russia, this time targeting government websites and a local radio station. Anonymous stated on Twitter over the weekend that it has successfully hacked many Russian websites, including Pravdapskov, the Russian Ministry of Construction, and MegaFon, the country’s second-largest mobile phone operator and third-largest telecom operator. All three websites are still unavailable as of this writing.

Cyberwar Against Russia: Russian Government Sites are Potentially Compromised by Anonymous Hackers

A cyber-attack was also conducted against the Vyberi Radio organization, which owns and runs 100 radio stations in 18 Russian cities. On DDoSecrets, Anonymous revealed over 1.5 million emails obtained from the radio group. During Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Anonymous vowed to unleash a cyber war against the Kremlin. On Sunday, the organization also hacked the Russian Federation’s Central Bank (CBR). The bank’s primary job is to maintain the Russian ruble’s stability. Anonymous gained control of the “Russian software system” that runs CBR as a result of the cyber-attack. In addition, the group disclosed confidential bank data, including “secret agreements.”

The hacker group also targeted Rosatom, Russia’s state-run nuclear energy giant, in May. Anonymous gained access to almost 800,000 documents, including information about the company’s affiliates and clients, as a result of the hack. A total of 5.63 GB of data from Rosatom was exposed by the organization.

As per the sources, we also came to know that Anonymous successfully breached Rosatom for the 2nd attempt in less than three months in May. The hacker group leaked 15.3 GB of data from the firm in March. An email address housed on the free encrypted mail provider ProtonMail, as well as personal information and passport details of the nuclear energy company’s clients, were among the data.

Furthermore, Anonymous also hacked Tetraedr, a Belarus-based weapons manufacturer, in February. Anonymous had access to over 200 GB of emails, PDF designs for weapons systems, and armoured vehicle brochures as a result of the hack, which was later published on DDoSecrets. Belarus’ largest trading partner is Russia. Belarus has likewise sided with Russia in the Ukraine conflict.

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