US Space Command invites for investing into technologies, Know here why

Lt. Gen. John Shaw, deputy commander of the United States Earlier this week, Space Command was in Cape Canaveral, Florida, hoping to see NASA’s first Artemis launch. The launch was cancelled, but Shaw said he used the time to talk with NASA leaders about future projects.

Shaw believes that the military alone cannot solve the space security issues encountering the United States and its allies, particularly as the Department of Defense looks to support operations beyond Earth orbit. He said, “As NASA and Artemis go to the moon, one of the challenges that we will have as a nation is understanding that lunar environment”.

Today, the Department of Defense (DoD) continues to perform space traffic control to assist satellites in orbit and the International Space Station in avoiding clashes with other satellites or debris objects. Adding further on this, Shaw mentioned, “We believe we will need to collaborate with NASA in the future as we send astronauts into the lunar environment for extended periods of time to do the same thing.”

Another obvious fact by Shaw was about how difficult it is going to be to track the vast region of space because of “tyranny of volume”.

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