Remedies for finance by Celebrity astrologer Preeti Comar

As the pandemic hit the world, there are so many people losing jobs or facing a financial crisis. So, we got a lot of emails from our readers to do a story about some financial tips and guidance by an astrologer. For this, we got in touch with the celebrity astrologer and tarot card reader Preeti Comar.

Let us see what all Preeti has to share about managing finances and practicing different methods to let the universe work on your finances.

“Light the Deepak for Obtaining Wealth and Rise in Financial Prosperity” is what Preeti shares the first. Now it is not just a normal deep you light, it requires some technicalities as shared by Preeti Comar. You require some more things for this remedy like Little rice grains, Little turmeric powder, Soil lamp, Little rose water, Little milk, Cotton for the wick, Cows ghee, and a plate.

Here are some steps you can follow to get this remedy right.
–      Mix rice grains with turmeric powder so that it turns yellow.
–      Mix milk and rose water, soak cotton in it and make a wick from it. Let the wick
–       Place this wick in the soil lamp and add cow ghee to it. Now Deepak is ready.
–       Make a Swastik with yellow rice grains on a plate.
–       Place the prepared Deepak in the middle of the swastika.
–      Place the Deepak in such a way that its wick is in the north direction.
–      Now on a piece of paper write your target or Sankalp. For example, you can
write that: I am doing this Deepak tantra ritual for constant increase in my
–       Focus your attention on Maa Lakshmi and light the Deepak.
–       Now sit in front of the Deepak and read your written target or Sankalp for 11
–      Pray to Lakshmi Maa to bless you to achieve your target and enhance your
financial prosperity.
–      Light this “Wealth Deepak” continuously for 21 days or 31or 51 days.
There will be a noticeable change in your finances.
Let the plate with Swastik be there only. You can change the rice of Swastik
within a gap of a few days.
–      You can wash the soil lamp every day and reuse it.
–       After the completion of the ritual discard the material under any tree.

Another remedy suggested by the celebrity astrologer is “Ritual to Boost Up Prosperity and Abundance”.

For this, she emphasizes the importance of Camphor Smudging/Dhuni. She says, “it is considered most efficient for increasing financial prosperity and opening up new paths for finances.”

Ingredients required for this practice are a Small silver bowl, Camphor, and 2 intact cloves.

What you have to do?

• At night time, once done with everything in the kitchen, take camphor in a small silver bowl.
• Place 2 intact clove over camphor and lit the camphor.

How does it benefit?

–      Helps creating an impact in interviews
–      Helps you get the promotion you desire
–      Helps you warn someone
–      With this, you will also get the call or text you expect from someone
–      To be heard

Here is what you will need:

A windy moment
black pen and a small piece of paper.
black salt – (available @Healing Heights)

Think about the message you want to send. You don’t have to make it long or complicated. It can be as short as one word, or just one sentence. Write it down. include the person’s name, their birthday and where they live. Something specific to them. Place black salt onto the paper and fold it towards you.

Next, you will need to do this from your home. Either from your front door or bedroom window. Wait until the wind picks up and once it does whisper what you have written and to whom it’s going.

Open the paper and let the wind blow away the salt first and then the paper. You can always do this under the cover of night, for those of us that have nosy neighbors.

Another effective remedy is sprinkling dried ginger root into your pocket or wallets to increase your finances. This practice works the best when done on a Wednesday.

[ Four ways in which Feng Shui can help the “stuck” things move in your life:
–      Move 27 things. Stuck and stagnant energy happens when items aren’t used, moved, or cleaned in a while. Dirt, dust, and energy accumulate!

A feng shui cure for stuck energy is to move 27 items. The number 9 is lucky in feng shui (2+7 = 9!) so moving 27 things will stir up the Chi (feng shui life force energy) and get things moving again!

–      Clean under furniture. Another place in your home where stuck energy tends to hide is under furniture.

Most of us don’t dust, vacuum, or mop under furniture very often, which means the dust, dirt, and energy gets stuck under there. If you haven’t done it in a while and you find that you’re feeling sad, frustrated, or like things aren’t happening for you, it’s time to move the furniture and get to work! Not only will this help clear the air, but it will also refresh your entire space.

–       Check out the Bagua. The Bagua is the feng shui map of your home that shows you which areas of your home correspond to different areas of your life. If there’s a specific thing you’re trying to manifest and it’s not coming, the Bagua can help you diagnose the area of your home that you should focus on.

–       Clean your windows. Windows represent your view of the world, and also how others see you.

If your windows are dirty, you might not be able to see new opportunities whenever they are presented to you, which is one way you could be blocking manifestation. Cleaning your windows will give you a fresh perspective and a clean slate!

How does Coffee helps?

Coffee is much more than just a beverage when it comes to solving your life problems. It dispels nightmares, encourages hard work, removes internal blockages, and infuses intentions with stamina.

How to create a Feng Shui bowl to attract money?

–       Light a candle every day for 9 days. Nine is a lucky number in Feng Shui, so set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to light a candle each day for the next 9 days. You can even take the piece of paper you wrote you intention on, and place it under the candle while it’s burning.

–       Turn your front porch light on for 3 hours each day for the next nine days. In Feng Shui, your front door is where opportunity enters your home. Turning on the light for 3 hours signals to the Universe that you are ready to welcome in the change you’re seeking.

–       Move 27 things. Twenty-seven is also a lucky number in Feng Shui, and intentionally moving 27 things in your house will stir up the energy and vibration in your home. Again, it’s all about intention. Move the 27 things to move stagnant energy and create change.

–       Get rid of 21 things. Any time you declutter your home, you are creating a space for the Universe to fill with something new. This is why decluttering is so important in Feng Shui – you are helping the energy in your home to move more freely. Getting rid of 21 things is a specific cure you can use to open up that space and show the Universe you mean business.
Sometimes, we could all use a little bit of help when it comes to self-love. This is such a simple spell jar to create but it packs some magickal punch to help us actively practice self-love. Use any size jar you have like a reused washed-out food jar, they are perfect for this kind of spell jar.

Place all the herbs, flowers, and crystals in a jar then put a spoonful of honey in too. Burn a pink candle, the colour of love, on top of the lid to completely seal it. Place it somewhere visible to act as a reminder to strengthen the intentions you made with the spell jar and to actively cultivate self-love. Keep until you feel it is no longer useful or you feel its effect waning.

As with all spell-work, use the tools and ingredients you have at your disposal. If you don’t have rhodochrosite, use clear quartz instead, don’t have Himalayan pink salt, use sea salt instead. Be creative in your Craft and make your version of this jar. All magick is about energy, so making substitutions in this or any spell won’t impact its success, just as long as you focus your intentions.

We hope that at least one of these listed remedies works for you and gains you what you aspire. For more such financial guidance, you can contact Preeti Comar (Instagram: @healing.heights)

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