Order one Moto Razr and get one free, Here is how you can get it

Recently a Twitter user shared a screenshot of an e-commerce cart, which featured a Motorola device. The device was the iconic ‘Razr’ by Motorola. This device with an iconic, flappable design was priced at $1,399.99.

The device is selling on the Motorola official website where the offer is displayed on the product page itself.

But it is not the price or the design that has caught the attention of the internet. What drives curiosity is the offered line written beside the product. It reads, “Add a razr to cart, and a free razr will be added automatically.” This deal attracted netizens and gave birth to rows of discussions.

A Twitter user stated his opinion that the US is a country where people are used to overconsumption. Hence he sarcastically points out that such deals actually make sense in the US. He also states that the Indian market comprises a frugal mindset and thus people are satisfied with discounts and price cuts.

Another user expresses that America is a country of an economic mess.

One user also tried to bring to the notice that such deals even exist from time to time on Android phones.

Other users expressed shock and surprise. Some stated that it is a good thing that such deals don’t exist in India.


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