Jio invests $15 million in Two Platforms Inc: What does it mean for you?

Reliance Industries’ Jio Platform Ltd., invests $15 million in Pranav Mistry’s AI firm called Two Platforms.

Jio invests $15 million in Two Platforms Inc. Firstly, Jio Platform Ltd. is a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani’s owned Reliance Industries. On the other hand, Two Platforms Inc is an AI based on Silicon Valley, US, firm founded by Pranav Mistry. It works on building interactive and engaging artificial intelligence. It develops real-time AI voice and video calls, life simulating games, and humanoids with artificial intelligence.

Jio Platform Ltd invests in 25% equity stakes of Two Platforms Inc.  Also, it is a diluted investment.

Moreover, Jio communicates that it finds Two Platform impressive. For it believes that the latter’s capabilities are immense when it comes to artificial intelligence. In response, Mistry says that Jio is the harbinger of advanced digital ecosystem in India. As per him, the partnership is exciting for both sides.

Jio Platform Ltd and Two Platforms Inc have an extensive experience of involving in research and applications with technical companies around the world.

What does Jio’s investment of $15 million mean for you?

Since Jio invests $15 million in the Silicon valley based firm, here are the following pointers that may matter to you:

  • The collaboration between the two firms is likely to introduce applications of artificial intelligence in India.
  • Firstly, they are looking forward to introduce interactive AI in consumer applications.
  • Then, they would proceed with gaming and entertainment.
  • Moreover, they will extend their reach to servicing sector, education, health and wellbeing.