Can Mitron App be the answer to TikTok in India?

After the announcement of the 59 Apps banned by the Indian government over the privacy concerns of its citizens. A lot of users started trending the Mitron app as an Indian alternative to TikTok.

After TikTok was banned a lot of users went on to other social media platforms such as Instagram. Also due to the recent turn of events in the galwan valley has also pushed the narrative to use only Indian based products. After the ban in India, there was also a trend in the US to follow the same path as India did to ban Chinese apps.

But there was a lot of controversy that was attached to the Mitron App, you may read about that from here.

Currently, there is another contender in the race that is Roposo App that is also gaining momentum of being an Indian alternative. Also, the CEO of the Roposo app stated that the ban would rather be fruitful for the company as it would open the doors for it to expand in the market.