Cocaine smuggling in the Nespresso’s shipment; Know the details here

The police of Switzerland seized half a ton of cocaine worth more than $50 million that was found in a shipment delivered to a Nespresso plant this week. The workers at the Nespresso factory found the drug package stashed in a coffee shipment.

On Monday, the Nespresso plant in the Romont reported the discovery of the cocaine. Fribourg police said, “An indeterminate white substance” in the bags of newly delivered coffee beans was found. The analysis of the powder concluded that it was cocaine.

After further investigations, the authorities claimed that they believed the shipment came from Brazil. The package contained more than 80 per cent pure cocaine. It was likely for the European market where it would have been estimated on a value of over $50 million. However, the packages of cocaine were isolated. The substance did not come into contact with any of the coffee used in Nespresso’s production process.

Marc Andrey, the town’s head of security, said that this is one of the biggest seizures in Switzerland. He said, “For Fribourg, it’s definitely a big seizure. It’s the first time we’ve had such a find. ” Meanwhile, Nespresso stated that the drugs had not contaminated any of their coffee capsules of the company.