Why is simultaneous translation so important in business?

Businesspeople lose out on numerous opportunities because they underestimate the importance of having interpreters for business meetings. However, it’s not just enough to have an interpreter for your business. There are numerous types of interpreting, and each of them serves a specific purpose in business.

For example, during a business negotiation, the interlocutors may speak different languages and may require an interpreter to translate some terms for each party to understand. This simultaneous interpretation is particularly important for big businesses and professional events.

Hence, before you hire a translation company, it’s important to find out what types of services your company needs. Here are a few ways that CPSL, a multilingual and translation company, can help you choose and get the best translation services for your company.

The benefits of simultaneous translation in business

Many successful businesspeople today appreciate the value of translation in business. The negotiating parties can get information quickly and precisely without any language barriers. Other benefits that do simultaneous translation a worthwhile investment include:

Making information easily understandable to foreign clients

If you are conducting a business event in a foreign country, getting interpretation services for your clients enables them to understand the purpose of the event and keenly follow it as it unfolds. When clients precisely understand your message, they tend to respond more positively to your business ideas and proposals.

Simultaneous interpretations are less expensive and take less time

Simultaneous interpretation reduces the number of inquiries from customers as translators help them understand the terms clearly and quickly. This advantage reduces the amount of time used in a meeting, conference, or event, thus saving you money and time. When you use less time in an event, you tend to save a lot of money that would have otherwise been used to pay interpreters, who often charge for their services by the hour.

Simultaneous interpretation gives your client a good impression of your company

Most businesspeople who invest in competent simultaneous interpreters create a good impression on their customers. Their clients get a sense of professionalism that assures them of competence and expertise in the field. Moreover, if there is a misunderstanding due to similar terms that mean different things, the misunderstanding can be dealt with in real-time. Besides, it prevents either of the parties from withholding critical information during the ongoing event or a meeting.

Simultaneous translation increases your contact network

Your business requires many contacts to grow and become successful. Simultaneous interpretation expands your customer base by allowing you to do business with people who speak foreign languages. It also breaks cultural barriers by helping both parties to understand one another, get closer and close more deals.

Bottom line

The world has become a global village. When dealing with international clients, simultaneous translation enables you to avoid uncomfortable situations that often inhibit business transactions. Different words have different meanings in different languages. These differences in meaning could divert clients from the intended information. Simultaneous translation, therefore, enables you to get more business opportunities as it enables more clients to attend and relate to all the information in your event or meeting without any barriers.

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