Tesla sues former engineer alleging to keep its supercomputer secret’s

Tesla sues former engineer Alexander Yatskov for allegedly stealing “confidential and tightly guarded” data related to the company’s supercomputer expertise, known as Project Dojo.

Tesla accuses Yatskov of downloading the knowledge to his private units and then refusing to provide it again in a copy of the complaint.

Yatskov is being sued by Tesla for allegedly stealing the company’s Dojo neural net training computer.

Dojo is Tesla’s training computer, which processes massive amounts of data to guide the AI software programme in Tesla’s self-driving cars.

Tesla claims Yatskova has access to Dojo’s cooling data, as well as other confidential information about the project.

The company also claims he sent emails containing classified Tesla data from his personal email address to his work email address. For compensatory and exemplary damages, Tesla is seeking unspecified amounts.

On May 2nd, Yatskov resigned from his position. Tesla is suing Yatskov for compensatory and exemplary damages, as well as a court order compelling Yatskov to return the classified information.