PayTM now selling Apple Gift Cards Code, Here is how you can buy them

PayTM has just released a new form of payment method on its platform. Now you can buy App Store Codes from PayTM at discounted rates. This is quite nice as users sometimes find it hard to pay on Apple Store for subscriptions.

The subscriptions can be of your YouTube music or an app to edit your videos even to pay at a restaurant that accepts Apple Payment.

Let us guide you on how you can buy these amazing App Store Codes at discounts.

Step 1.

As you can see, you just need to click on App Store Codes.

Step 2

After you have selected the app store code, you will be presented with the following screen.

You will be presented with a list of coupons from which you can buy. The codes start from 100 and go to 5000.

Step 3

After selecting the amount of code that you want, you will then be presented with the following screen.

On the final screen, you can simply click on buy and enter your bank details. Your purchase is done that is all.