Novak Djokovic has purchased 80% of Danish biotech firm QuantBioRes

According to the company’s chief executive, tennis player Novak Djokovic has purchased 80 percent of Danish biotech firm QuantBioRes, with the goal of developing a medicinal therapy for COVID-19. – Reports by Reuters

The investment was made in June 2020, according to CEO Ivan Loncarevic, who defined himself as an entrepreneur. He declined to reveal how much it was worth.

According to Loncarevic, QuantBioRes has roughly 11 researchers working in Denmark, Australia, and Slovenia, and they are working on a treatment, not a vaccine.

He stated that the company is working on a peptide that prevents the coronavirus from invading human cells and that clinical trials would begin this summer in the United Kingdom.

A request for comment from Djokovic’s spokesperson was not immediately returned.

After being deported from Australia on Sunday night, the tennis number one sparked a global debate about the rights of people who choose not to be vaccinated, ruling him out of the Australian Open.



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