Humanoid Robots won’t simply imitate humans however learn to unravel issues with help from AI

Recently, Techprolabz – “a young technology and Innovation – Robotics company from India and works in the field of Robotics, Aero Modelling and Drones” opened a new Incubator Robotic Centre in Mumbai.

In ageing societies, “robots can be with humans sooner or later”, aforementioned Hiroko Kamide, a Japanese man of science who specializes in relations between humans and robots.

Welcoming robots into households or workplaces involves developing “multipurpose machines that are capable of interacting” with humans while not being dangerous, aforementioned Philippe Soueres.

The vision of Techprolabz is to make kids more tech-savvy. A place where school kids work on industry-oriented projects. The biggest ever robotics club in india for school goers and 1st kind of the research laboratory that has youngsters as R&D Engineers. A series of maker-spaces across the country, where youngsters convert their ideas into reality.

Techprolabz is working to create a mode of education that doesn’t force kids to go through the books. This mode of education focuses on their creative learning, we let them think out of the box.

“We don’t ask them what to learn, they tell us what they want to learn, and we just help them in making them understand how to learn. So far, we have tried this out on more than 10000 students around the country, and they loved it. They are creating wonders, they are setting up a new trend, they are learning now.” – Techprolabz

Till date Techprolabz has conducted 225 + workshops and 12 + events and also said “that they want to connect every school in India to robotics education.”

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